2021 DMOR

2021 DMOR Nomination Information
(Distinguished Member of The Regiment)

2021 Week of the Eagles and 506th Association Reunion

to include Currahee DMOR/HMOR Ceremony

On June 23, 2021, during the Week of the Eagles celebration at Fort Campbell, the 506th Infantry Regiment Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) and Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) ceremony will occur. Lieutenant Colonel Vincent A. Thomas, Commander, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment and Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey R. Farmer, Commander, 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment are calling for nominations for consideration in the selection of Distinguished and Honorary Members of the 506th Infantry Regiment.

The induction ceremony is currently planned for 1000 June 23, 2021 at the Currahee Memorial (an alternate indoor location will be available in the event of excessive heat or inclement weather). All previous DMOR/HMOR inductees and veterans are cordially invited to attend this ceremony. For those that cannot attend the ceremony in-person, we will have a video of the event on the 2-506 Infantry – White Curahee Rakkasans Facebook Page.


The Army established the Distinguished Member of the Regiment to recognize the accomplishments of Soldiers associated with regimental units. Governed by Army Regulation 600-82, the DMOR designation identifies and honors individuals who served in the 506th Infantry Regiment and have demonstrated exemplary military service to the unit, to the Soldiers, and to the Nation, as well as accomplishments after retirement or discharge. It also takes into consideration services performed later in life in support of the 506th Infantry Regiment and our Nation. This distinction can be awarded to both Currahee veterans and active duty Currahee Soldiers. A parallel honor, the Honorary Member of the Regiment, recognizes similar accomplishments or services benefiting the regiment by Soldiers, spouses, and individuals who did not serve in the regiment.

The DMOR/HMOR Selection Process

The DMOR/HMOR selection process is led by a leadership board consisting of the current Battalion Commanders, Command Sergeants Major, and the Honorary Colonel and Sergeant Major of the Regiment. Selections are then reviewed by the Infantry Branch at Fort Benning. It is a demanding process that ensures only the most outstanding candidates are honored as a 506th Infantry Regiment DMOR/HMOR. Announcement of selected DMORs and HMORs will be made late March 2021 to allow maximum planning time for travel to Ft Campbell.

The Nomination Process

Current and former members of all battalions of the Regiment may be nominated to receive DMOR honors. It is requested that all nomination packets be submitted no later than March 15, 2021 to the 2nd BN 506th Infantry Regiment to ensure that the selection board has ample time to make their decisions. This deadline gives those who desire to submit nominations a month to write their narratives and submit their nominations. Please contact any past or present Currahees that you believe may be interested in nominating someone for this high honor.

Nomination requirements

 Any nomination from any source and in any format will go before the 506th Regimental DMOR/HMOR board for consideration. However, it will be more effective to use the following format for recommendations to assist the proper presentation of the candidate in the selection board process. DMOR and HMOR nominations should provide the following information:

  1. Nominee’s name and current contact information (address, email, and phone)
  2. Dates of service and duty assignments with the 506th Infantry Regiment
  3. A detailed narrative describing the exemplary service and contributions of the soldier to their Currahee unit. The narrative should also include the Soldier’s continuing service after discharge or retirement to Currahee units, fellow veterans and veteran organizations, and to our
  4. Supporting letters from other Currahee Soldiers or veterans may be added with the original letter from the recommending Soldier to add to the nomination.

This information will give the 506th DMOR/HMOR Selection Board a full impression of the candidate. All packets, whether submitted on paper via mail or electronically by email, should be sent to the POC for nominations, 1LT Stephen Buckley. While it is encouraged that packets be scanned and submitted via email, paper copy submissions are acceptable. Both hard copy and electronic nomination packets must be sent to arrive at the 2nd battalion headquarters by 15, March 2021.

Address and contact info: Hard copy to: Stephen Buckley, 6845 Air Assault St.,
Fort Campbell, TN, 42223.
Email copy to: Stephen.p.buckley4.mil@mail.mil.
Questions should be addressed to the primary POC: 1LT Buckley: 239-404-8342 or the alternate POC: 1LT Carter: 228-363-9725.