Currahee Memorial Brick Paver Project

Currahee Memorial Brick Paver Project

Leave a remembrance that will last for all time!

Are you a Currahee? Do you identify with the rich history and proud traditions of this Band of Brothers? If yes and you would like to be remembered for all time for your service in this legendary regiment, or as a friend or relative of the Currahees, read on.

We are proud to announce the Currahee Memorial Brick Paver Project. Our Currahee Memorial has almost 1,500 soldier’s names etched into its’ six granite monoliths. Leaving a personalized brick at the memorial is a visual way for you to show that you remember, honor and respect the ultimate sacrifice of these fallen warriors, and that you feel a bond with them.

Your brick will be permanently installed in the asphalt surface of the troop assembly area at the front of the monument. In essence, your brick with your words and graphics becomes an integral part of this solemn piece of earth that is guaranteed to last for all time.

Profits from donating a brick will help fund the management of the 506th Infantry Regiment Association’s charitable funds and the activities of the active battalion’s Family Readiness Groups. The memorial is located adjacent to the Pratt Museum on Fort Campbell, KY. Due to the cost of installing the pavers, newly purchased ones will be installed not less than twice a year. Contributions to this project are tax deductible.

Questions? Please Contact:  Joe Johnson at: or 703-966-6891

The pavers we are using are ISO compliant formed at The Belden Brick Company in Canton, OH, then laser-etched by That’s My Brick!®  based out of Chippewa Falls, WI.  100% American made!

That’s My Brick® uses a patented, laser-based marking process that produces a layer of black, fused glass on any color surface of the brick or tile. The marks are flush with the surface of the brick or tile, which means less maintenance and no chance of wear-based damage.

All samples passed each of the ASTM-specified test conditions (Freeze/Thaw cycling, Salt Spray exposure, Ultraviolet Light exposure) with flying colors. The independent testing has proven that bricks marked with our process and installed properly in the asphalt surface at the Currahee Memorial at Fort Campbell will last longer than our lifetimes.

 Ordering Process
•  Credit Cards:

Go to and follow the online process.

•  Checks & Money Orders:

Print & complete the order form below.  Make payable to:
506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association
Send the completed form and your payment in care of:
c/o Joe Johnson
129 Harv Loop
Monterey, TN 38574
(No cash, please).

4 X 8 Bricks:
-No graphic. 3 lines of 18 characters per line max.  Example: SSG_SANDY_A_PORTER (Characters include spaces and punctuation.)
-With a graphic.  3 lines of 10 characters per line max. Specify either on the left or right side of the brick for the

8 X 8 Bricks:-
No Graphic. 6 lines of 18 characters per line max.
-Graphic used.  3 lines of 18 characters. The graphic may be on the top or   Specify which.

Paver Graphics Codes