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August 26, 2022

The Ripcord Report
Ripcord Association Newsletter

#131 September 2022

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The Firebase Ripcord Diorama
is now on video in a 6 part story
of the construction from start to finish.

The AMPS Central South Carolina Wildcats Chapter built a 1/72 scale(1 inch = 6 feet) model of FSB Ripcord.
See and read the detailed story on how they did it.

Go to the videos of the Diorama

Day by Day reporting of
The Battle of FSB Ripcord

Lee Widjeskog has written a day by day review of the events during The Battle of FSB Ripcord March 12 thru July 23,  1970
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Stories about Ripcord

Here are stories about events that happened during the Battle for Firebase Ripcord written by the soldiers that were there and also stories by their families or friends.
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