Ripcord Association

2023 Ripcord Reunion Attendee List

These members have registered for the 2023 Reunion

as of August 21, 2023

William Tex Campbell
Melvin and Mary Olsen
Bill and Lynn Hand
Douglas Puffer
Rick and Racquel Montgomery
Jerone Buffington

David and Ingrid Lockwood
Peter and Chris Meloro

Joe Smith
Bob and Maura Gustafson
Ron and Linda McCrory
Tony Little
Uwe and Diane Meyer
David and Connie Cote
Don and Linda Holthausen
John and Barbara Hedrick

Bill Boles
Paul Buhr and Chris Courtney
Bob and Red Judd
Korky Buhr
Marc Skinner
Everett Slaughter
Wayne Spruill
Merle and Ruth Delagrange
Lin and Pinkey Bashford
Diane and Joe McCarville
David Hilleren & Marlene Smith
Paul and Laura Hansmann
Dale and Sue Cooper
John and Annette Kuennen
Howie and Diana Colbert
Martin and Lea Glennon

Fred Shuttleworth and Victoria Rayle
Clem Neiderer and Sherie Myers
Timothy and Elaine Lanier Bohan
Charles and Jean Holmen
David and Lisa Snyder
John and Debbie Fowler
Ronald Zahn
Lyle Kohmetscher and Pam Stone
Troy and Barbara Porter
Leland and Debra Tremblay

Ken and Saralyn Gainer
Elwood and Johnnie Hall
Terry Stanger and Carol Keilman
Leland (Al) Gagnebin
Janet Hahn
William and Pam Baldwin
James Joyce 
Paige Corkhill
Charlie and Tracy Tipton                                           
Audrey Wrightsell and Alex Denton
Bob and Maura Gustafson
Frank Marshall
Bill and Linda Heath