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For Survivors, Family, and Friends of 
The Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord

101st Airborne, Vietnam
March 12 – July 23, 1970 

Firebase Ripcord
After evacuation July 1970
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#133 May 2023

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2023 Reunion
Springfield, MO


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Newspaper, Media, and website written Articles about Firebase Ripcord
A lot of links to different publications about the veterans and the battle of Fire base Ripcord

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Grand Valley State University
Digital Collections of

Fire Base Ripcord Veterans
Interviews by James Smithers 

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This website is intended to provide information about The Battle of Ripcord in Vietnam, March 12 – July 23, 1970. The soldiers who were involved in this battle, and about The Ripcord Association which was started in 1985. All information, comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please send them to: